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Yes, you can hire your flowers

A mix of quality fake flowers with fake and often fresh foliage can make all the difference. Adding a floral wedding arch, hanging wreath for a wedding barn or marquee, floral decoration for candelabras, all play their part on a WOW stage set for the day.

We can show you the basic floral display, then on the day we pile in the fresh seasonal greenery from the garden. A perfect way to create the drama at an affordable price.

Faux, fake, or artificial flowers or whatever you like to call them, have become very popular in recent years & for several reasons;                    The exceptional quality of some faux flowers,                                              The sustainability versus imported fresh flowers,                                        The lower cost if large floral installations if they can be hired 

The exceptional quality of luxury fake flowers is such that you would find it hard to tell the difference between the quality fakes and the real thing. Many large floral installations which are labelled as fresh may well contain some fake flowers too! This is because fresh flowers, flown in from all over the world, are stored in temperature controlled containers to put off flowering until the few required hours of a wedding or special celebration. If they dont bloom, last minute substitutes have to be found, usually faux  flowers fill the holes.

Fresh flowers are undisputedly the most beautiful, no doubt about it!..but the carbon footprint & sustainability to bring them to your table maybe a lot higher than you think before they are left to die. Faux flowers are shipped in once, they will be used at least 10  to 20 times, meaning we can keep our hire costs low. Finally, when we deem them passed their ‘use by date’, they are donated to local charity shops to help decorate their windows.

By creating floral installations, such as  wedding arches, hanging wreaths or large table centres,  candelabra dressings, etc we use the basic structure & can add in extra colours, fresh greenery, & floral scents to suit your occasion. You can also see what you will have on the day, knowing that when we add in the fresh foliage etc to make it look slightly wild & it will look even better!



Advice on fake or fresh ( flowers & foliage)

Be confident & mix fake with fresh flowers. A fresh flower bouquet can be the inspiration for your fake flower decor.

Lots of small flower groups may not have the WOW of one larger installation to the same value.

Have a separate budget for your floral decor,

Introduce your fresh and faux flower florists.     

Check the quality of any faux flowers, by seeing them in reality. With luxury faux, your guests may never know your clever cheat!                                                                                                            Compare cost with quality, especially  for wedding arches & over head wreaths etc..  how many blooms do your get, how full are the structures  before the fresh is added,  be confident it will look the WOW wedding arch or wedding wreath you are expecting.

And remember you are stage setting for a day!                     



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